About Me

I am a:

Graphic Designer and Consultant with satisfied clients worldwide. I do: Design, Consulting and illustration with a passion for remarkable design.

Furthermore, My design sensibilities are heavily inspired by traditional print design and a deep love for collage and typography.



The Combination of Advertise & Graphic


While I am truly keen on drawing and handwork, it is worth bearing in mind the importance of advertising and graphic in today’s life. Hence, I do my best to take care of both field simultaneously.


My Creative Root

As far as I remember I’ve a been willing to create those of crafts and works which have not been seen or used before ranging from creating crafts by disposable objects in my childhood to a set of exaggerated drawings.

My paintings subvert the traditional genre of portraiture by approaching the subject with the sentiment of an iconoclast. All I want is to convey my characters’ feelings and words to the one who looks at them, in spite of deformations. Most of them are self-drawing which leads to the point that I believe, there are many hidden characters inside every individual. I assume everybody today looks not the same as yesterday. As it’s been shown in my works, there are lots of “Me”, that I’ve found them and presented them.